How To Enable Typing Suggestions And Auto-Correct In Windows 10

Windows 10 can offer text suggestions and auto-correct spellings while typing. This can be enabled/disabled as needed.

Here is how :

Access Windows Settings (Win key + I) and choose Devices

Windows 10 settings


Scroll down to Typing.

Windows 10 typing settings

For the software /on-screen keyboard, this option is already enabled.

Typing suggestions enabled for software keyboard

You can use the on-screen keyboard by typing osk from Run box (Win key + R).

Accessing on-screen keyboard in Windows 10

The text suggestions will turn up during typing.

on-screen keyboard with text suggestions in Windows 10


To turn it on for physical keyboard, go to Hardware keyboard section. Then enable the options for text suggestions and auto correct misspelled words.


From now on, there will be suggestion pop-ups when typing.

text suggestions when typing with hardware keyboard in Windows 10


All done.

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