Geek Jokes About Dating

Smiles and laughter are a part of the universal human language. And all people understand their importance and significance in our lives. Laughter is one of the most powerful ways to change reality. This can radically change our perception of the world and present contradictions in a different light. We gain the unconscious ability to laugh even at birth. It makes our existence much more fun.

With a good sense of humor, life begins to acquire fresh colors. Also, laughter makes it possible to meet new people, make friends, find love and improve the lives of other people. Everyone knows that, for women, a sense of humor is almost the most important criterion when choosing a partner for a romantic relationship. And so, we offer you a series of geek jokes about relationships that will definitely help you to surprise a girl with your excellent sense of humor and win her heart.

  • I think your parents should be nominated for the Nobel Prize. Or what else do they give to creators of the world masterpieces?
  • You know, the Constitution says that one cannot deprive a person of the right to happiness.
  • Lady, is your lipstick delicious? May I taste it?
  • You know, I’ve just realized one thing. I could have stayed home today, and then I would never have known about your existence. It’s a very creepy perspective, isn’t it?
  • I looked in the dictionary to find a synonym for the word “beautiful” – your name was there too.
  • Sorry, I’ve forgotten my phone number. Can you lend me yours?
  • Lady, you are very beautiful, and beautiful girls need to be propagated.
  • Can you tell me how to get to your heart?
  • No, I’m not drunk, I’m just charmed by you.
  • – You owe me a drink.
    – Why?
    – I’ve dropped mine while watching you.
  • Do you have an extra heart? Mine seems to have been stolen.
  • You are so beautiful that I forgot all my pickup tricks.
  • Do you know what love at first sight is? Or should I walk by you again?
  • I liked you so much that I have been following you for three stops. Do you mind if we sit down and get some rest?
  • You are so sad … Can I take your sadness away? I need it for experiments.
  • You smile so beautifully that I forgot where I was going.
  • I feel sorry for others. Your beauty makes them a ruck.
  • Lady, I urgently need your help! The case is that I want to drown. And your eyes are perfect for this.
  • Do you know how this street is different from all the others? Here, I met you.
  • Coming close to the girl, you can stand next to her for a minute or two with the air of a person thinking your own thoughts. And then dumbfound her with a question: – May I hold on to you for a while? Because of your beauty, I can’t feel my legs.
  • Such a beautiful girl should have a beautiful phone number!
  • I hid my tear in the ocean for you. And I will love you until you find it.
  • You know, your hair is very harmonious in color with my pillow.
  • What is it like to be the most beautiful girl in this city?
  • I apologize for interrupting you, but I urgently need to inform that you are extremely cute.
  • Lady, will you help me to find my pulse?
  • Do you know how it’s better to spend my salary?

We hope such jokes will help you to find a bride and be happy together!

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