Access Linux Files And Folders From Within Windows Using This Free Tool

DiskInternals Linux Reader is a useful free tool that can access Linux partitions from within Windows. If you have a dual boot PC and want to access or recover your Linux files and data from within Windows, this tool will work like a charm.

It can also be used to recover otherwise inaccessible file system and partitions. It supports Ext2, Ext3, Ext4, HFS and ReiserFS file systems. Do note that this tool can work as read-only so there is no possibility of deleting or modifying data thereby not messing up existing Linux installation.

Download and install it from here.

Once installed, the interface is familiar to that of Windows Explorer. If your PC already has Linux installed alongside Windows, it will list all the Linux partitions in read-only mode which otherwise won’t have been accessible from Windows.

list of Linux partitions accessible using DiskInternals Linux Reader


Then, you can navigate files and directory structures easily and recover data as needed.

Linux files and folders can be read from Windows using DiskInternals Linux Reader

Also, a cool breakdown of the selected folder contents will be displayed as a pie chart in the preview panel.

preview and breakdown of folder contents from Linux partitions

You can also create a partition image which can then be mounted at a later time. Right click the specific Linux partition and choose Create Image.

creating a Linux partition image using DiskInternals Linux Reader

To recover or read data the specific folder needs to be exported. So go to the required folder in Linux partition and right click > Save.

recovering and reading data from Linux folder by exporting it using DiskInternals Linux Reader

This will start an Export Wizard. Ideally, the recovery destination should be a separate storage device or partition.

DiskInternals Linux Reader Export Wizard

Choose the destination path where the contents will be recovered and proceed.

choosing recovery destination where Linux data will be stored using DiskInternals Linux Reader

Choose the files to be recovered and click Next.

choosing list of files to be recovered using DiskInternals Linux Reader

The Export Wizard wll display the status along with time taken and the destination path where the files were recovered.

recovery complete

The contents from Linux folders will now be vieweable in Windows at the chosen recovery path.

Linux files an data are readable from Windows

DiskInternals Linux Reader can also display unknown files by changing preferences. Choose View and then from Preferences, enable Show Unknown files.

changing DiskInternals Linux Reader Preferences

To download and install other similar tools, choose Tools and select as needed.

other tools besides DiskInternals Linux Reader

Overall, this free tool can be very useful when trying to recover Linux partitions from within Windows.

Do try it out.

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