5 Tips To Help You Design Your Mobile App

The mobile app is a computer program designed to run on phones, tablets or watches. Currently, mobile app development has taken center-stage as more development is becoming much easier. Due to technology advances, mobile app development has been made easier and more efficient.

From observations made, implementing a good design for your app is a key to getting it into the app store and being frequently used. These five tips will help you design a great mobile app.

1.Keep it simple. As a developer, it’s important to identify the targeted users. You need to design an app that is easy to use and can perform tasks easily. Also, a good design should communicate clearly and simply to the user’s own language, and easing long procedures by providing meaningful shortcuts. For it to be user-friendly you also need to avoid any features that will let in complexity.

2.Be visual. For every given task the user is allowed to take options. A good design should, therefore, make all required options to be visible with no distractions from notification or any other disgusting information. For example, ads pop causes disruptions, they prevent the user from viewing or performing his/her operations on the app. In addition, you need to develop striking visual elements that will keep the user engaged, and fill them with the desire to come back and enjoy the experience.

3.The endurance principle. This principle will help you design an app that is flexible and tolerates, and reducing the frequency of making mistakes. This is done by allowing undoing and redoing. The app should also provide auto-correct and auto-complete for inputs by the user. Most users may not be perfect hence these are features that should] not be omitted.

4.The feedback principle. Unlike websites that assume users can search for what they want and if possible look for an alternative, to design a mobile app you need to know that users will be more focused once the choice of the app is downloaded. The response of the app should provide the user with information regarding the actions, condition changes, and errors occurring. Therefore a good design informs the user in a clear, precise, and non-complicating language that is familiar to the user.

5.Compatibility. Before you design an app, you should come up with a design that is compatible with a large range of devices. To keep up with the market demand a design that is compatible with Android and iPhone operating systems should be developed. A good company should target both users hence a fifty/fifty split should be developed.

If you want to design a great and functional mobile app the above tips are helpful. Building an app requires concentration and it may also incur some costs. Therefore, before designing an app you need to ensure that you are on the right track to avoid costly rework by user testing prototypes.

Before you write the codes, outline the kinks of the design. This helps the team to save time and hassle of making development changes.

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