Use OneNote Web Clipper In Firefox To Save Notes And Ideas

OneNote now has an official Firefox extension for saving interesting web content from wherever you browse.

Download and install it from here.

OneNote Web Clipper Firefox add-on page

Once installed, the familiar OneNote icon will be visible next to address bar in Firefox.

OneNote Web Clipper activated in Firefox

To save notes, right click on any web page and choose OneNote Web Clipper.

right click and clip web page content using OneNote Web Clipper add-on

To start using, sign in using your Microsoft account.

sign into OneNote Clipper Firefox add-on

After signing in, the clippings can be of the entire article, a portion of it, the full web page or be saved as a bookmark.

choosing what to clip using OneNote Firefox add-on

These clippings can be saved either to the default notebook or any other if required. Depending on the choice, select as needed and click Clip.

When Full Page is selected, OneNote Web Clipper will save the screenshot of the entire page with the web link.

saving entire web page as a clip using OneNote add-on

Choosing Article will save only the article as a clipping and it will be in an easy to read and edit format.

clipping articles using OneNote add-on for Firefox

If Region is selected, a screenshot tool will be displayed for marking the specific area to be clipped.

Bookmark option will clip the web page link along with a brief description if any.


The saved clippings can be either viewed in OneNote online or through the app if using Windows.


viewing saved clippings in OneNote online

These can be edited too if needed online or in OneNote Windows app. So the add-on can also be useful if you are temporarily using a different platform other than Windows and want to collect or organize ideas which need to be edited through the app back in Windows PC.

saved web clippings accessed through OneNote Windows app


All done.

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