Tutanota : A Privacy Focused Email Service

Tutanota is an open source, privacy focused, secure email service that is easy to sign up and use.

It doesn’t ask for any additional details like phone number or other personal information during sign-up. Simply choose an email address and a password to sign-up. It is also available as an Android,iOS and Amazon app.

Tutonata sign-up page

This is similar to ProtonMail if you wish to use an email service that doesn’t ask for many details.

The user interface is sleek with the usual list of Inbox, Drafts, Sent and so on.

Tutonata inbox

Various email settings can be changed from the Settings icon.

Accessing settings in Tutonata

Tutanota encrypts messages and attachments. You can change this option from Email tab > Default delivery. Also, by default, it will add an email signature at the end of sent messages. This can be turned from Email signature.

changing encryption settings in Tutonata

The free version provides upto 1GB email storage. You can upgrade your account by going to Storage Capacity and choosing a higher storage plan as needed.

Tutonata email plans

You can also use a custom logo for emails from Display section. This is useful for branding or marketing purposes.


using a custom logo when sending emails through Tutonata

Also, configuring emails rules is easy. Go to Inbox rules and choose sender, target folder, email address/domain name as needed.

configuring inbox rules in Tutonata

This is a useful email service to use if you want to sign up with minimum details and have certain degree of privacy/anonymity.

Do try it out.

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