How To Turn Off Detailed Status Of Apps From Being Displayed On Windows 10 Lock Screen

Windows 10 lock screen ( Win key + L) can show detailed status of various apps like Calendar, Mail and so on. These can be turned off from being displayed on lock screen for privacy.

win 10 lock screen

Here is how :

Open Windows Settings (Windows key + I) and Choose Personalization.

Personalization in Windows 10 settings

From Personalization section, choose Lock screen > Choose an app to show detailed status.

Lock screen settings in Windows 10

This will show the current app whose detailed status is displayed on Windows 10 lock screen. Click on it and select None for not showing status for any of the listed apps there.  You can also turn off Windows spotlight which is enabled by default. (It displays new pictures and advertisements directly from Bing).

remove app status and notifications from being displayed on lock screen

You can also change apps whose quick status is displayed. Scroll to Choose apps to show quick status and click the + sign to add an app.

adding an app to display it's quick status in Windows 10

To remove an existing app, click on it and select None like before.

remove apps from displaying their quick status in Windows 10

All done.

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