How To Change The Default Search In Microsoft Edge

The default search engine in Microsoft Edge is Bing. However, when trying to set it to something else, Edge will by default not show any other options.

This is because unless you have visited the other search engines using Edge, it won’t be possible to change the default search. It however can be changed to any other search engine that supports OpenSearch if needed.

Here is how to change it :

First, open other search engines like Google from Edge.

Then, click on the dots at top right of Edge window and choose Settings.

accessing Settings in Microsoft Edge browser

Scroll to Advanced settings and select View advanced settings.

viewing advanced settings in Edge browser

Click on Change search engine.

changing search engine in Edge browser

The search engines visited in Edge will be listed besides Bing. Choose the required one and set it as default.

list of discovered search engines in Edge browser


All done.

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