Convert Documents To Different Formats Using Doxillion

Doxillion is a versatile document converter that makes conversion simple between different file formats.

It supports conversion between file formats of same type as well as between different ones.

Key features :

  • Convert MS Office files to alternate formats like Open Office, WordPerfect, plain text etc
  • Convert images to text using OCR
  • Batch conversion supported for files from different formats into a single one
  • Convert e-books from epub to PDF, HTML and more

Download and install Doxillion from here. For non-commercial purposes, it is free to use.

The interface consists of adding source files either through Add Files/Folders or by drag-drop. Choose the target file format and the destination path.

adding documents to start conversion using Doxillion

Click Convert to begin.

document conversion complete using Doxillion

It can be a time saver to convert multiple files whether they are of same format or of different ones into a uniform format. As Doxillion supports batch conversion, add the required files or the folder to start the process.

batch converting documents using Doxillion

Output for batch processing will be similar to that when using a single document. The converted documents will be listed once finished.

list of documents batch converted using Doxillion

When converting images, an additional module Pixillion will be downloaded on first use. After that, images too can be converted either through the main interface or by right clicking the source file just like documents.

right click to convert documents using Doxillion

Configuring options in Doxillion are easy through Options. Commonly used ones  include whether to allow overwriting an existing file during conversion, overwrite, skip or stop the conversion.

Doxillion overwrite options

Others include error skipping/ignoring and also directly copying the source file to the destination folder if both the formats are same.

Doxillion conversion options

This is a useful tool to have when working with files of varied formats. Do try it out.

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