Two Ways To Take Screenshots Of Selected Areas In Windows 10 Without Using Any External Tool

Here are a couple of ways to directly take screenshot of specific areas when using Windows 10 :

1.Using keyboard shortcuts :

This shortcut is available since Windows 10 Creators Update. First, choose the area for screenshot by pressing Windows key + Shift + S.

The mouse pointer will change to a crosshair and now a screenshot of selected region can be taken. This is copied to clipboard.

To access this screenshot, open Paint 3D and paste it. It can now be saved after further editing if needed.

opening the screenshot using Paint 3D


The other default screenshot keys are the same as before :

  • Prtscr – Screenshot of entire screen
  • Alt + Prtscr – Screenshot of the active window

2.Using Snipping Tool : This was also present in earlier versions of Windows. To access it, search from the Start menu.

access snipping tool from search in Windows 10

Or type snippingtool in Run box (Windows key + R).

access snipping tool from run box in Windows 10

Choose Mode > Rectangular Snip to take a screenshot of selected area. A delay too can be set (maximum of 5 seconds) from the Delay menu.

snipping tool to take region screenshot in Windows 10


Also, if looking for an external screenshot utility, Greenshot can be useful.

All done.

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