Transform Your Linux Mint/Ubuntu Terminal Into A Geek Screen Just Like In The Movies

If you are looking to play with Linux Mint/Ubuntu Terminal, hollywood is a fun utility to install. It is a geeky eye candy that displays scrolling split screen output from random commands just as in those hacker/geek movies.

hollywood script in Linux Mint

To install it :

sudo apt install hollywood

installing hollywood utility in Linux Mint

Once installed, simply run it :


hollywood script running in Linux Mint

The Terminal will now be filled with lots of output among different split screens and will scroll – just like those hacker/geek movies.

hollywood script output in Linux Mint

And you also get to listen to the classic Mission Impossible theme song in the background while this is running so make sure to turn on the volume. Pretty cool.

To stop and exit, hit Ctrl+C.

By the way, to just get split screens for Terminal for some actual work, Terminator is a useful utility.


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