Quickly Find Out System Information In Linux Mint/Ubuntu From Terminal

It can be useful to selectively print out hardware/system information for troubleshooting or reference purposes.

inxi is a very handy command line tool that does just that. It displays information about system software like kernel version, Linux OS details, CPU, RAM and other hardware details.

To use it in Linux Mint/Ubuntu, open Terminal and type :


running inxi in Linux Mint

Using this command alone will only display a one liner information but it has many other options that make it very useful.

There are various parameters that can be used with inxi. Here are the most common of them and they are simple to understand :

inxi parameters

Do note that these parameters are case sensitive.

To print out audio/sound card information, use the -A parameter :

inxi -A

finding details of audio card installed using inxi

To know about graphics card details, use the -G parameter :

inxi -G

finding details of graphics card installed using inxi

A basic hardware/system information can be generated using -b :

inxi -b

finding basic system and hardware information using inxi

The parameters can be combined together as well. So to know only about the details of sound and graphics card, the command will be :

inxi -AG

combining different system parameters when using inxi

Do try it out.





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