How To Install Tixati In Debian

Debian by default doesn’t come with any torrent client installed like Transmission in Linux Mint/Ubuntu. 

So Tixati can be a good choice for this and it is available for all Linux platforms including Debian.

Here is how :

First, download the .deb package (32/64 bit) from Tixati’s download page for Linux. (.deb packages can be installed on any Linux distro that is Debian based.)

Once downloaded, use the dpkg command :

sudo dpkg -i nameoftixatipackage

installing Tixati in Debian

While running this setup in Debian, you may experience errors related to gconf tool:


Tixati installation errors in Debian

To resolve them , install the gconf2 package:

sudo apt install gconf2

fixing errors during Tixati installation in Debian

Then, fix the dependencies :

sudo apt install -f

Tixati will now be available to use in Debian.

Tixati running in Debian

Happy downloading.

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