Free Giveaway : Wise Folder Hider Pro

Time for one more giveaway, it has been a while. 🙂

In collaboration with WiseCleaner , download a giveaway copy of Wise Folder Hider Pro worth $29.95 for free.

Giveaway details : No participation or registration is needed for this giveaway. Download and install from here.

Note : This giveaway version is valid for 6 months and supports updates. Also, Wise FolderHider has a password retrieval service if you forget the password. But the giveaway version doesn’t have that option so make sure to remember your passwords when using it. These are also required when removing the program because unhiding all the added files and folders is necessary for the uninstallation to finish.


Wise Folder Hider Pro box

Key Features :

  • Hide files and folders on local PC
  • Hide USB drives and other external storage devices
  • Create portable encrypted files
  • 2 layers of password protection

How to use:

Once installed, during the first run, there will be a password prompt. This is for setting the login password for Wise Folder Hider access. Uninstalling and accessing it will only be possible with this password.

launch password during first run of Wise Folder Hider Pro

The interface has two main sections : Hide File and Encrypt File. Files and folders can directly be dragged into the Hide File section for making them invisible or through the options at the bottom. External USB drive can also be hidden through this.

Hiding files and folders in Wise Folder Hider Pro

Files and folders that are added as hidden can further be password protected. So, individual files and folders can have different passwords if needed. These options can be configured through the Operation drop-down menu.

list of files and folders hidden in Wise Folder Hider Pro

Choose Set Password for protecting these hidden files and folders. You can also unhide them from this menu.

setting individual passwords for hidden files and folders using Wise Folder Hider Pro

Encrypting files will need a file vault to be setup first. This is basically an encrypted partition that can be mounted/unmounted as needed. To do this, from Encrypt File section, click New.

The default path for setting up this file vault will be in the User\Documents directory. However, certain antivirus applications may block this operation considering that these are protected folders. So either add an exception or choose a different path. Specify the vault size and a name and click Create.

setting up an encrypted file vault using Wise Folder Hider Pro

The newly created file vault can now be used to store encrypted files. Simply use it as a storage drive for keeping sensitive files.
encrypting files by storing them in file vault when using Wise Folder Hider Pro

The status of the file vault will be displayed similar to that of hidden files/folders.

details of created file vault using Wise Folder Hider Pro

From the Operation drop-down menu, the vault can be mounted/unmounted and also a password for that can be set.

setting file vault password for Wise Folder Hider Pro

You can also change the launch password for Wise Folder Hider from settings. Click the wrench icon on top right and then choose Change login Password.

changing login password for Wise Folder Hider Pro

Again, once a password is set when using Wise Folder Hider Pro, don’t forget it. This giveaway copy doesn’t offer an option to get it back.

All done.



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