File Hosting And Multihosting In The Cloud Era

The increase in development and adoption of cloud technology is one of the most dramatic and fundamental changes that the technological landscape has seen over recent years. In one fell swoop, it has allowed both personal and business users to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, basic IT headaches such as the need for servers, storage discs and data backup processes.

Migrating to a cloud-based system also places matters such as data security on someone else’s shoulders, and for business users in particular, provides a slick way to outsource all their IT admin and support to a third party.

Demand prompts supply

As soon as the cloud phenomenon reached critical velocity, there was no shortage of new companies seeking to get in on the action by offering their own file hosting services. A competitive market with a choice of suppliers is good news for consumers, as it keeps prices low. But inevitably, this also led to some fly-by-night providers appearing on the scene, with indifferent security and questionable motives, seeking to ensnare the unwary.

Choosing the right filehoster is therefore a decision that is not to be taken lightly. Sure, there are the big names that we are all familiar with such as Dropbox and Google Drive, but there are also hundreds of others. It can be difficult to know where to start looking to get the best deal, while ensuring you are entrusting your data to a secure and reliable file hosting company.

The rise of multihosting

Every problem has a solution, and the smartest companies are the ones that identify the problem, come up with an effective solution and think of a way to turn it into a viable business. This is what the suppliers listed and reviewed at have set out to do. Multihosters recognise that many users have neither the time nor the knowledge to critically evaluate dozens of file hosting providers, and then to further compare and contrast the different packages they offer.

What they do is provide a “best of all worlds” service, whereby they buy up premium access accounts from dozens, or even hundreds, of hosting sites and then sell these on to end users. This brings a number of tangible benefits to end users, including the following:

  • Confidence in the hosting company : The multihoster is working with file hosting businesses day in and day out – it will not be taken in by any “too good to be true” deals from shady suppliers.
  • Extra security : By only using recognised and reliable file hosting companies, you can be sure that data integrity is taken seriously. However, the fact that the multihoster is also involves provides an additional layer of security.
  • The best deals : A multihoster will have access to a wide variety of hosting companies and will be able to find the best deals on the market.
  • Spreading the risk : Why put all your eggs in one basket? Through a multihoster, users can take advantage of multiple file hosting options.

The cloud era is here to stay, and its importance is only going to get bigger. Multihosting is a relatively innovative discipline, but expect to hear plenty more about it and to see new service providers appearing on the scene over the coming months and years.

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