PinClipBoard : A Free Clipboard Manager For Windows

PinClipBoard is a free to use clipboard manager for Windows that makes it easy to access and use frequently used documents and images.

Download and install it from here.

PinClipBoard installed in Windows

Once installed, it will be active in the system tray and monitor clipboard data. That means text or images that are copied and pasted anytime will be available to reuse using the clipboard interface.

Recent clipboard data will be available from History tab.recent clipboard data stored in PinClipBoard history

Specific folders and images can be pinned by dragging and dropping them in Pin Folder and Pin Image tabs respectively. Recently used clipboard data if needed later on can be pinned to Pin Board tab.

pin a specific folder in PinClipBoard

So if a document that has been edited or changed a lot needs to be reverted to one of it’s previous states, the associated information can be referenced from PinClipBoard database locally as it will keep a track of all the clipboard data. This is useful for restoring previously moved or deleted images as they can be retrieved from the database if needed.

Also, this can be shared to different devices using QR code keeping the clipboard data synchronized. Go to Settings and enable the Synchronize option to do that.

enable synchronize between different devices in PinClipBoard settings


Do try it out.

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