Shrink Images, Record Screen And Browse Faster Using Slimjet Browser

If you are looking for a Chrome/Chromium based browser with additional features like video recorder, image optimisation, quick form filler and more, then Slimjet can come in handy.

Based on Chromium open-source project , it is compatible with Chrome extensions. The browsing experience will be similar to that of Chromium and Chrome but with a few extra features.

It is available as a 32/64 bit download for all platforms – Windows, Linux (.deb and .tar.xz packages) and Mac. The download setups can be found here.

slimjet browser


It comes with a bunch of preloaded bookmarks which can be deleted if needed. Ad blocker can be enabled on the first run when prompted.

The gear icon at top right will display most of the settings.

slimjet settings

Taking screenshots :
Screenshots can be taken directly√ā¬†through Save screenshot or Capture screenshot of selected area

selecting region for screenshots when using slimjet

Recording videos :

Recording current tab as a video is also supported in Slimjet. Use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+H or Settings > Video recorder to enable the recording.

screen recorder in slimjet browser


The video will be saved as a .webm file in the default downloads folder.

using screen recorder in slimjet

Processing images : The options for this can be configured from Settings or type slimjet://settings in address bar and then scroll down to Photo processing.

photo processing in slimjet

It can automatically shrink images before uploading them. The resolution can be configured from Photo Shrinking Settings. The default resolution of 1M pixel is sufficient for most purposes but can be changed.

configuring photo processing options in slimjet

Also, adding a target domain like that of an image uploading website can be set from here.

Next time when a photo is uploaded, the option of Process photo will be enabled.

shrinking photos before uploading them when using slimjet

It can be disabled on a per photo basis if needed.

QuickFill form filler : It also has it’s own form filler (QuickFill form filler) which can replace the default password manager.

enable QuickFill form in slimjet

To enable it, go to Settings > Use QuickFill form filler

Do try it out.

Happy browsing.

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