Lock Or Hide Specific Pages In PDF Documents Using This Free Tool

PDF Page Lock is a free PDF locking tool for Windows that encrypts and hides pages in a PDF document. Either the entire document can be locked/hidden or only specific pages.

Download and install it from here. The setup is available in zip and exe format.

Once installed, using it involves opening the PDF document which needs to have the pages locked or hidden.

PDF Page Lock interface

The numbers of pages will be displayed in the left column of PDF Page Lock interface. To lock a selected page, click on it and choose Lock.

locking selected pages of PDF files using PDF Page Lock


The page in the right side preview pane will now have a red lock icon.

Similarly to hide a page completely from the document, use the Hide option. The privacy icon will be visible on that page.

hiding pages using PDF Page Lock
Now, a password will be required to encrypt the pages and save the changes.

security password to save changes and for unlocking later

This will later be used if the document is opened again in PDF Page Lock for unhiding or unlocking pages.

Once the selected pages are locked or hidden, save the PDF file.

pages locked using PDF Page Lock


On opening it in any PDF viewer, the specific locked pages will now be displayed using the lock icon while those which are hidden will not be visible at all.

locked pages not being displayed fully in PDF file

This is a free and handy tool to have for maintaining PDF security.

Do try it out.

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