Limit Facebook From Tracking Browsing Habits Using This Firefox Add-On

Firefox has a useful add-on that can improve privacy when using Facebook. This is the Facebook Container add-on. When it is installed, browsing habits and other social data outside of Facebook can’t be tracked. It does this by isolating user activities in a separate container.

Download it from here.

Facebook Container add-on for Firefox

Once it is installed, it will first auto logout user from Facebook and delete it’s cookies. This is because it initializes a ‘Facebook sandbox’/container wherein activities in Facebook are limited to that only.

Whenever a Facebook link is opened or there is a login to Facebook, the tab will be blue colored to indicate it as a container tab.

blue colored tab for Facebook pages when using Facebook Container add-on

Other than that, web pages which have Facebook comments enabled and likes button may not work because it will stop user data from being sent to Facebook. It is a useful feature as user activities outside Facebook can’t be tracked due to this.

Overall,this add-on strikes a balance when it comes to controlling privacy and maintaining social media presence. Instead of completely deleting Facebook account, controlling what is tracked by is made possible by this container add-on.

Happy surfing.

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