How To Use Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts In supports keyboard shortcuts of other email services besides it’s own.

What this means is that shortcut keys layout of Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook too can be used if needed. So if accustomed to using Gmail shortcut keys, that same layout can be used in as well.

Here is how to enable these custom shortcut layouts  :

Login to and click the gear icon on top right. Then choose View full settings

From General section, go to Configuration.

configuration settings in

Here any of the listed shortcut keys layout can be enabled. It can be turned off too if needed.

To know about various shortcut keys, choose click here on the bottom.

enabling different keyboard shortcut layouts in

A Gmail shortcut keys layout will look like this :

gmail shortcut key layout in

Outlook layout will be :

outlook shortcut key layout in

Yahoo mail shortcut layout will be like this :

yahoo shortcut key layout in

Select Save to enable any of the preferred layouts.

All done.


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