How To Install Google Chrome Extensions In Opera And Vivaldi

Google Chrome extensions can be used in other browsers too which are based on Chromium framework.

Some of the popular ones include Opera and Vivaldi.

Vivaldi directly supports Chrome extensions so simply go to the Chrome Web Store and add the necessary extensions.

chrome web store extensions to be installed in vivaldi browser

The process will be the same as that of installing in Google Chrome. Add and install.

chrome extensions can be directly added and installed in vivaldi

For Opera, to do this, first an add-on which will enable this needs to be installed. This is an official add-on which can be downloaded and installed from here.

opera add-on that let's chrome extensions to be installed in opera

Once installed, go to Chrome Web Store and choose the extensions required. They will be now listed as Add to Opera instead of Chrome.

chrome extensions available to install in opera

Choose them and install.

After they are installed, use Opera Extension Manager to enable them.

From now on, enjoy the useful Chrome extensions even in Opera browser.


If you want to install extensions in Brave browser, click on the menu button and select Extensions.

brave browser menu icon

adding extensions option in brave browser

Alternatively, directly go to the Chrome Web Store and click on the Add to Brave button next to the extensions.

adding an extension to brave browser


Here is a useful resource on privacy and other considerations before adding any new extensions to the Brave browser.

All done.

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  2. If I had to guess, it will be a continued redesign of the browser, possibly with an update of the design of the Speed Dial page. It seems Opera is trying to operate somewhere in the middle of Chrome and Vivaldi. Whereas Chrome is very basic and relies on Web Store extensions/themes to bring you greater customization options, Vivaldi takes it in the exact opposite direction to the point it can be somewhat confusing for non-power users. Opera seems to be trying to gobble up people who might want more baked in options and features, but are put off my so many options on Vivaldi (fair or unfair as that may be).