Browse Faster With More Privacy Using CloudFlare DNS In Windows 10

It is a good idea to use public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS instead of ones provided by ISP.

There is now one more to the list – CloudFlare DNS.   (Accessing lists all the details about this service but as of now, the connectivity to it is intermittent.)

As per DNSPerf, it has the fastest lookup response (28% faster) among other DNS services and also doesn’t log any lookups for better privacy.

Configuring it is simple in Windows, just change the existing DNS settings to and It can also be done using a tool like DNS Jumper.

For Windows 10, here is how :

Access Control Panel (Windows key + I) and choose Network & Internet.

accessing network settings in Windows 10

Click on Change Adapter options.

change adapter settings in Windows 10

Right click on the adapter where the changes are to be made and click Properties.

network adapter settings in Windows 10

For IPv4, change the primary and secondary DNS servers to and

CloudFlare DNS IPv4 settings in Windows 10

For IPv6, change them to 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

CloudFlare DNS IPv6 settings in Windows 10

To verify if it is now active, open command prompt and run nslookup. It should display the new DNS server IP address.

nslookup command in Windows 10

All done.

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