Are Mobile casinos Taking Over The PC Space?

With Spring well and truly here, it is safe to say that 2018 is now properly underway and cruising at full speed. Towards the end of last year, this was predicted to be the year mobile casinos would take a leap forward and become the platform of choice for those who enjoy an online wager.

Is this really the case, or, much like the often heralded demise of games consoles, has news of the death of PC in the online casino space been greatly exaggerated?

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The rise of mobile

It is no secret that more of us than ever are glued to our smartphones, and they have slowly but surely changed from being a handy tool for keeping in touch while we are out and about to our go-to resource at home or work, any time, day or night.

Mobile casino developers have been quick to react to this shift in consumer habits, and have ploughed increasing investment into developing their mobile apps. Some have even gone a step beyond mobile first and have launched mobile only casino apps. Most offer highly tempting free spin offers, and you can get more here at this useful resource from the Gambling app store.

On the face of it, those who say desktop casino apps are on the way out seem to have a point. The mobile versions typically have just as wide a range of games, but when the casino has been constructed specifically from a mobile-only perspective, they will perform better, being optimised for a smaller screen and the lower processing power of a smartphone.

Desktop going nowhere

However, it is those exact points that also mean there will always be a place for desktop gaming from a PC, whether it is a mobile casino, a sports game or anything else. Not everyone can afford to go out and get Apple or Samsung’s top of the range offering, or a specialist gaming phone. And for them, desktop remains the best option for getting the best gaming experience.

So processing power is, of course, a factor, but even as that improves, there is no getting past the fact that there is a limit to the amount of time anyone wants to spend staring at a phone screen. While teenagers might think nothing of it, the fact that casino games are aimed at an older market also plays a role.

Commuters like nothing better than to play a game of roulette or some slots on their mobile while sitting on the train. However, from the comfort of home, it is a different matter – and comfort is the operative word. Most of us could sit and watch Netflix from our smartphones if we chose to – but with a flat screen TV mounted on the wall, why on earth would we?

There is no doubt about it, usage patterns are changing in the online casino sector as much as anywhere else. But there is no need to sound the death knell for the PC just yet.

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