5 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For Working With Virtual Desktops In Windows 10

A useful addition to Windows 10 is the feature of adding virtual desktops without using third party tools. This is a big help in staying focused, reducing clutter on desktop and remain organized when completing tasks without adding another physical display/monitor.

Using this feature is easy by accessing it from the Task View.

Task View icon in Windows 10

Click on New desktop at the bottom right and create new virtual desktops as required.

using virtual desktops in Windows 10

So, one desktop can have all the work related applications/emails/browser windows while another can be a personal space (social media, personal emails) and so on. Managing these different virtual desktops as a group can be useful too.

The apps and windows can also be dragged from one virtual desktop to the other making it work seamlessly. Also, with many windows open in one desktop, using hover preview can instantly focus on a specific window which makes it useful to keep a track of all the open tasks and windows per desktop.

Here are 5 useful keyboard shortcuts for using virtual desktops that make using them a lot faster :

windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for using virtual desktops

There are other shortcuts too which can make working with Windows 10 a lot more productive. Check them out here.

All done.



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