3 Types Of Software You Need To Keep Your Computer Safe

Online security is getting more and more attention these days as the risks are becoming all the more clear. Over the past year we’ve had Equifax leak hundreds of millions of clients’ identifying information, Facebook sharing sensitive information with Cambridge Analytica, and countless email scandals. It sometimes seems that no matter what we do, we cannot keep our information safe.

But the truth is you still have some level of control. Many people have spoken about deleting Facebook, but the least you can do is watch what data you share or make available. You can also keep your data safe from hackers by using software crafted for the purpose.

These are 3 types of software that you need for basic security.

1. Password manager

Chances are you know how irresponsible it is to use variations of the same password for everything, but do it anyway. It’s just so much work to try come up with complex passwords that you can actually remember.

However, if you haven’t changed your password in years, and still use a variation of it, you’re probably going to be hacked at some point. In fact, hackers are still using info from a LinkedIn leak back in 2012 to get into people’s accounts today.

Password managers solve this problem for you. They create complex passwords that you never have to remember and store them safely for you. All you need to do is remember one “master” password. Within half an hour you can have vastly increased the security of all your major accounts. What are you waiting for?

2. VPN

There are some who have criticisms of VPNs. They usually have to do with the fact that a VPN can’t protect you from particularly determined hackers. But the average person doesn’t have to worry about being hacked by the best of the best.

VPNs hide your IP address and encrypt your data, making it significantly harder to crack. If you’re a fugitive or a crime boss, you can’t rely on a VPN alone. If you’re like the rest of us, a VPN will keep you safe.

You’ll ultimately need to pay for a VPN, but if you want to try a free one, take a look at this Windscribe VPN review. Windscribe offers 10GB of bandwidth free every month, which is far more than any other free service.

3. Antivirus

It’s kind of strange that you still need antivirus software in 2018. Our PCs look very different than they did 20 years ago, except that we’re still using antivirus software. Unfortunately, the simple truth is that no foolproof way of defeating malicious viruses has been found.

You may wish you did not have to, but installing an antivirus is fundamental to your computer safety. Everything else on this list can be bypassed by a malicious virus that makes its way onto your PC.

Be smart and protect your data. It can make you more vulnerable than almost anything else you own.

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