3 Reasons To Use A VPN For Mac

Macbook users take pride in the security benefits we have over users of other types of laptops. We don’t need to download or pay for expensive antivirus software that slows our laptops down.

And Macbooks have indeed demonstrated a higher level of security than other options. The main voices saying that Macbooks need antivirus software are (coincidentally, of course) owners of antivirus companies.

However, that does not mean using a Macbook takes away any security risks. Hackers are still able to take advantage of our internet connection, to find our location and IP address, and to steal very sensitive information. Governments can still surveil us.

A VPN is therefore must-have software no matter what device you’re using.

If you’re wondering what is the best VPN for Mac, ExpressVPN and NordVPN are currently being touted as the best options. Here are 3 reasons you should commit to one of them.

1. Privacy Still Matters

It might not seem like it anymore, but privacy is something we need to protect. It’s easy to become disillusioned, after years of giving Facebook permission to know exactly what’s going on in our lives and sell it to other companies. With similar dodgy dealings surely going on under the radar at other big online corporations (do Google really deserve their squeaky clean image?), taking back your privacy can seem hopeless.

But just because you’ve been careless in the past, doesn’t mean you should give up on taking care in the future. A VPN will immediately make your online activity much safer, without you having to put in too much work of your own. Good VPNs never allow a moment of time to pass in which your data is vulnerable. Take a bit more responsibility for your own privacy, and that will be a gamechanger.

2. Watch Uncensored Content

In countries where censorship is a major issue, getting a VPN for your Mac could do more than unlock uncensored content. It can keep you safe even when you’re viewing content you expected to be safe. Access to information is a basic right, and you shouldn’t be stopped from seeing content that could open your eyes to realities your government wants to keep from you.

You also shouldn’t feel unsafe viewing content or researching information the government doesn’t want you to know. A VPN will allow you to view whatever content you want, without leaving you unsafe.

3. Get Full Access To Streaming Content

On a similar note, there is plenty of streaming content you’re missing out on, even if you’re in a country with a large Netflix catalogue. For example, Better Call Saul is released on Netflix in the UK, as it comes out in the US. The same is true for Lucifer and Black Lightning in Hong Kong. Legion’s excellent first season is available on Netflix in Japan. The website uNoGS allows you to search 23 countries for content on Netflix. A good VPN will give you servers in all these places and more.

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