Recover Deleted Partition Using This Free Data Recovery Tool In Windows

Safeguarding data is important but data losses can happen anytime. The reasons can be many including hard drive failures, malware, accidental deletion and so on.

Recovering such data can be daunting task for non technical users and professional recovery is expensive. To make this process simpler, check out partition recovery software for Windows like Disk Drill (formerly known as Pandora Recovery) can make this process simple.

It is a free file recovery software available for Windows and Mac. There is a 500 MB data recovery limitation when using this free version. The Pro version has no such limitations. (For a limited time, this Pro edition is available at a 50% discount for Windows and 25% for Mac OS X).

pandora recovery logo

Key features of Disk Drill :

  • Free and Pro partition data recovery software for Windows and Mac
  • Point and click interface
  • Fast optimized algorithms for scanning and recovering data
  • Supports any file system like NTFS, FAT, ExFAT, EXT4 and more. All that is needed is an damaged disk for recovering data.
  • Various options like Quick Scan, Deep Scan, Lost Partition Recovery and more.
  • More than 300 different file signatures and available formats like video, audio, text documents, PDF and more can be recovered.

More info here.

How to recover deleted files :

Disk Drill can restore deleted partition and the associated data with it. Once launched, the main interface will list all the available storage devices and partitions.

list of partitions and storage devices available for recovery

Recover deleted partition on Windows through this interface. To begin recovery, choose the source partition from where data was lost and click RECOVER.

The data available for recovery can also be filtered based on it’s type. So to recover just pictures, choose Pictures from left pane and so on. Also, the scan can be saved as a session by choosing SAVE SESSION which can then be loaded anytime later instead of again selecting source path and starting the process.

existing data that can be recovered

This will now initiate scan for all the lost/deleted data. Now, depending on the type of scan,the process can vary. The Deep Scan option will comprehensively search and list deleted data that can be recovered while Quick Scan will be less thorough.

The latter will be a lot quicker to complete than former.

Once the data is selected, choose where it will be recovered to.

list of data that can be recovered

Finally, click RECOVER for recovery to finish.

scanning for deleted files in Pandora recovery software

Once complete, it will display the total number of files recovered and errors if any.

recovered data in Windows

Data protection using Recovery Vault : This feature can make partition data recovery simpler and quicker. Enabling it is a proactive feature against data loss.

recovery vault protection enabled

When it is enabled, it will monitor the selected drives/folders and keep a track of data deleted from there for easy recovery.

All done.

Overall, using a data recovery software like Disk Drill even with the data limitation in free version would be better than having no recovery solution at all.


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