How To Write Facebook Status Updates In Different Languages

Facebook has an option of posting status updates by automatically translating it in different languages.

Here is how to enable it for web version :

Click on the down arrow and choose Settings.

accessing Facebook settings

From the Language section, choose Edit and enable Write posts in more than one language.

Language settings in Facebook

Finally, save the changes.

From now on, when posting updates, in the update box there would be an option of Write post in another language.

writing facebook posts in another language

Clicking on it will display a list of languages in which the updates can be posted.

list of languages in which updates can be written

To keep adding languages, click Write post in another language. When added, the status update in default language will be automatically translated to the chosen languages.

facebook posts in different languages

After posting, the updates can then be viewed in the languages they were written.

facebook multi-lingual updates

All done.


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