How To Link Google Drive With Outlook For Storing Files/Attachments

For uploading and storing files/attachments when using, the default online storage is OneDrive. It however does have the option of adding other cloud storage services like Google Drive.

Here is how :

Login to Outlook and click on the gear icon on top right. Then choose View Full Settings.

accessing Outlook settings

Then, choose Mail > Attachments.

Mail and Attachment settings in

Here, the cloud storage services linked to Outlook will be listed with the default being OneDrive. Click on Google Drive icon.

choosing Google Drive storage account for Outlook

Next, sign in to Google account and click ALLOW.

linking Google Drive with Outlook

Once the sign-in is successful, Google Drive will be linked with Outlook account. It can be removed anytime if needed by clicking Remove.

Google Drive account added as a storage account to Outlook

To add files from Google Drive in email, choose Attach > Cloud locations.

choosing cloud storage account to upload files in Outlook

Select the files as needed and they will be attached with email messages that are sent from Outlook.

list of files that can be uploaded in Outlook emails from Google Drive

All done.



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