5 Reasons To Try Uber In 2018

Uber is a platform that allows users to book a ride on demand. Over the past few years it has emerged to be one of the most useful apps worldwide because of the convenience it offers to its customers. Transportation has always been a big issue in any packed metropolis. Going from one place to another using public transport is becoming more and more of a hassle.

Uber solves an important problem for commuters who are looking for a cheaper alternative to cab rides. Is Uber not in your phone yet?

Here are 5 reasons to try Uber in 2018:

1.Affordable and upfront pricing
Uber’s fare is generally very reasonable. According to www.ridester.com, Uber’s fare is based on a couple of factors. It takes into account the distance, travel time, booking fee, surge variable (if any), and tip (if elected).

Upon using the app, you will right away know how much the ride is going to cost you, eliminating any fear that you might not have enough on your wallet. For the most part, Uber beats the pricing of regular cabs which is why its approval rate is rising above the clouds.

2.Hassle free and convenient
If you’re living in a place where no cabs roam about, it’s additional task to go out to the main road and try to hail a cab from there. Uber addresses this problem by allowing you to be picked up where you want to. This makes it more convenient and safe to a lot of people.

Imagine hauling a lot of things with you only to be walking miles farther from your place just to get a cab. And of course, using GPS technology, your drop off point is going to be exactly where you want it. And with help of an online navigation system, your Uber driver doesn’t have to roll out his windows and ask for directions. You’ll be guided all the way, saving you both time and money.

3.Flexible payment options

Uber likes to make things easier for us, which is why it offers several payment options. Got no cash? You can apply your Visa or Mastercard credit card with the app. If you’re not comfortable paying in card, cash is always a welcome option. In some cities, Paypal integration is present too. And aside from credit cards, you can also use a Visa or Mastercard debit card as long as it’s funded. What else? If you refer some of your friends to use the platform using your referral link, you’ll be granted Uber credits which you can use on your next ride. Pretty awesome, right?

4.It’s safe
While it’s true that there’s no exception to danger when it’s bound to meet you, Uber makes it a point to keep the safety of their riders and drivers intact. Uber employs background checks on their driver applicants to make sure they’re clean.

Once you are paired with a driver, you’ll see their real names, license plate of the car, and their driver rating. You can also readily share this information to your family or loved ones if you want to.

5.Flexible hours
There are Uber cars available round the clock so you’re sure to always get a ride when you need one. This is probably one of their biggest advantages as it allows them to cater to customers any time of the day. It’s also an attractive option for drivers because they get to drive whenever they’re available. Uber definitely continues to change the game of taxi transport, and we can only be assured that it’s for the better.

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