4 Tips To Buying A Turbo Pump

If you are planning on getting a turbo pump in order to pump up those combustion chambers and get more power, speed or just generally improve the performance of your machine, then you will definitely want to read this article. You see, Turbo pumps are not for everyone, they are delicate equipment that requires basic knowledge and understanding before one can maximize its use not to mention its availability and of course its price.

A turbopump is basically a propellant pump that is mainly used to produce high-pressure fluids for feeding combustion chambers or any other similar needs. A turbo pump has two main components namely the rotodynamic pump and a driving gas turbine which usually placed on a same shaft or sometimes combined in one piece. That being said, here are basic tips that will surely prove useful in your search for the perfect turbo pumps for sale.

1. 2 types of turbo pumps

There are generally 2 types of turbo pumps; the popular and generally more powerful centrifugal pump and the axial flow pumps which are smaller but also provide fairly powerful pressure. Centrifugal pumps which are mostly recommended if you are working with high-density fluids work by throwing the high-density fluids outwards at very high speeds.

On the other hand, axial flow pumps which work well with low-density fluids does the pumping via rotating and static blades raising the pressure of the fluids. Thus, it is very important that you determine what kind of fluid you will be working on and how powerful the pressure you will need.

2. The reputation of the Manufacturer or Brand

Before you buy a turbo pump, it is very important that you determine the overall reputation of the manufacturer of the company that made the turbopumps. Being popular does not necessarily guarantee the quality of the product. In fact, we can all agree that we have experienced not getting the value of our money on famous name brands.

That is why, do a quick check on the manufacturer and see if they really possess the necessary experience and skills to make a high-quality performance turbopump that will deliver on your expectations.

3. Read Reviews

After knowing which turbo pump brands and manufacturers you can trust. It is now time to choose some models and carefully study them. You can easily do this by watching video reviews or even read comments made by the users on a particular model. Not all models will have the same functionalities and features.

It is very important that you know which models are easier to use and handle. Latest models are not necessarily the best ones for you. Yes, they will have the latest features and technologies, but it will also mean that they might be harder to handle. Thus, make sure that you will be quite familiar with 2 or 3 models before you make your trip to the turbo pump stores.

4. Warranty and Repair

And finally, one of the most neglected things that most buyers forget is the warranty and repair package attached to the turbo pump. Unless you are an expert in this kind of things, which is very less likely, then you will need to ensure that you have a warranty and a repair package for your turbo pump. Warranties are there to protect your money in case the product has manufacturing issues and the repairs package will also ensure that you will get to maintain your turbo pump at its peak form for a long time.

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