Why Is It Worth To Try a VR Online Casino

The online gambling industry hasn’t always existed. Matter of factly, the industry took on the online platform a little over two decades ago. This multi-billion industry is recognized as a pioneer of the online industry has been among the very first to set up on the internet.

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This move is, perhaps, the best since the industry has grown exponentially over the years. The benefits that have come as a result of this bold step by a few individuals are being reaped now

Virtual Reality Casinos are casinos that have adopted the use of Virtual Reality games and gears. VR allows players to maneuver through a casino like they would a real land-based one if they were there physically. Imagine yourself play Crown of Egypt slot online and being able to walk through Egyptian History as if you were there physically.

Once a player wears the VR Gear, they can decide whichever direction to take, and what moves to make right from where they are. This action will be replicated in the online casino on your PC.

Evolving Technology

Technology is constantly evolving. Back in the day, the shift of the gambling industry from land to the internet was regarded as the biggest move. But over the years, there have been improvements with more and more people moving away from gambling on their Personal Computers to doing it on their hand-held devices like the phones and tablets. Now, punters prefer playing their favorite games while on the move or at the comfort of their space without having to handle bulky computers. The mode of fund transfer has also evolved with e-wallets increasing in popularity as so has internet banking. The use of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment to casinos is also a great move into the future. Another advancement in technology that is still in its infancy is the use of Virtual Reality technology.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality has in the past raised questioned as to whether it is the real deal; technology that will stand the test of time and perhaps revolutionize the world as we know it, or just a facade that will be forgotten soon enough.

The idea of virtual reality was born in the early 2000s, but the first prototype was not released until 2010. As is with any new technology, the first Virtual Reality technology has its issues. Over the last few years, however, there have been great improvements which make us think that this may just be the future of technology.

Virtual Reality Slots

The idea of playing slots using Virtual reality is exciting- and we are very modest. Imagine playing slots that seem super real but from the comfort of your space?! This is closer to becoming a reality with the strides that developers are making with the Virtual reality. During the first trials of the virtual reality slots, there were issues such as the crashing. The avatars of the players only had the faces. There were no bodies attached to the faces. Now, the navigation of the systems has greatly improved, and the games are a lot more entertaining.

Virtual reality slots have been launched by a few casinos. These casinos give a taste of how it could be if the technology takes over. Casinos that have launched the Virtual reality slots include

  • SlotsMillion
  • Casino VR

The VR slots offer experiences that are both unique and realistic. The two casinos can be considered the test subjects for the VR technology. Depending on how punters receive the two casinos, more casinos could eventually take up VR slots and perhaps include other casino games.

A developer that has been keen on developing slots that are VR enabled is NetEnt. The developer is working on developing more slots that have Virtual Reality. Some of the names that have been developed on VR include:

Is the VR Online Casino here to Stay?

Well, it looks like it. The technology is still young, and a lot of improvements are required. That doesn’t, however, mean that this new reality will fizzle out. Matter of factly, it would be wise to visit a VR online casino whenever you can so as to familiarize yourself with all the hype. Soon, that will be the only technology punters will want to be a part of, and all casinos and developers will have to adopt. Until then, though, there are challenges that still need to be resolved before VR casinos can be on the go. These include:

  • Managing the costs of developing this technology
  • Developing an end product that will appeal to punters
  • Developing a pocket-friendly gadget. Right now, the cost of the VR gear is quite high making it unaffordable for a huge percentage of players
  • The designing of the games for VR will also take time and money.

The challenges are worth it for developers and casinos because VR technology promised to bring more potential players on board. VR slots will also increase the length of time punters take to play which is also great for business.

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