Quickly Check If A Windows PC Is 32/64 Bit Using This Free Tool

It can be useful to first check details of existing Windows operating system and if a 64 bit OS can be installed on a PC (especially for older hardware) before starting off the installation.

Determining the current version of Windows installed can be done directly without any external tool by accessing Windows Settings (Windows key + X > Settings).

accessing windows 10 settings


It however won’t check for hardware compatibility with 64 bit OSes.  64bit Checker is a free tool that will quickly show if this can be done and also display the details of current version of Windows.

Download it from here.  This is a portable tool with no installation needed. So simply download and run it.

check if windows is 32/64 bit using 64bit Checker tool
It will display the details of existing Windows and whether a 64 bit OS installation is supported or not.

These details can also be saved as a report either as a text file or a HTML document.

saving reports in 64bit checker

The generated report can then be saved for reference.

report generated as a text file in 64bit checker

All done.

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