How To Turn Off Firefox Sync For Specific Devices

When Firefox syncing is enabled, bookmarks, open tabs, logins, history and add-ons will be available on various other devices which are added to the sync list.

This is handy for ensuring a consistent cross-platform browsing experience. As long as Firefox is installed on different devices with the same account login, this data can be synced.

However, it may happen that a device is now no longer used or doesn’t require this anymore. It can hence be removed from syncing.

To do this :

First, access Firefox preferences by typing in address bar :


Next, go to Firefox Account and click on Manage account.

accessing Firefox account for changing sync settings

This will open the Firefox Accounts page from where various account details can be managed. Choose Devices & apps.

Firefox account settings

A list of all the different devices will be listed with the last sync period and their locations. To remove a device, click Disconnect.

list of devices with Firefox sync enabled

Specify a reason if want to and choose Disconnect.

disconnecting devices no longer used from using Firefox sync

The device will now longer be synced with Firefox.

All done.

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