Configure Gmail To Automatically Archive Specific Emails

When subscribed to many mailing lists, they can flood the inbox very quickly due to frequency. Even though unsubscribing from such lists may not be necessary, managing the inbox overall can be time consuming.

Gmail provides a useful option of creating custom filters that can sort these emails. This can be handy when labelling such mass emails so that they aren’t visible in the Gmail inbox or to automatically archive them.

Doing this is easy. To auto archive emails, first access Gmail Settings by clicking on gear icon.

accessing Gmail settings

From Filters and Blocked Addresses, choose Create a new filter.

making a Gmail filter

There would be different input fields for filtering including sender’s email, keywords, recipient email, whether there are attachments included, chat messages and so on.

To archive specific emails, choose the appropriate options (like filtering based on keywords and subject) and then click Create filter with this search.


configuring gmail filters

From the list of options provided, select the required action to be performed. In this case – Skip the Inbox (Archive it). If previous emails need to be archived too, enable Also apply filter to matching conversations.


set gmail filter to archive emails from specific senders

Finally, choose Create Filter.

The archive filter would now be enabled and the incoming emails of chosen criteria will automatically be archived.

Happy emailing.


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