5 Tips For Finding The Best Foosball Table

Foosball is a great game that brings people together. For some, it is used for recreational purposes while for others, it is a serious game to the extent that they enter tournaments to compete with other individuals. The type of table you buy depends on these two factors since the recreational ones are usually found in homes, bars, or houses.

The professional tables are mainly found in designated rooms that can garner the concentration required.

In case you settle on buying a foosball table, below are some tips on finding the best ones:

1) Table Surface

The table surface is something that you should always be keen on even when shopping online. It is advisable for you to read the product description if you cannot physically access it. A stick-on is usually short-term solution since it is not durable. Most of the times, they end up peeling and then rolling or coiling up. This damage will interrupt you when you are playing.

The problem often comes with cheap tables, either particle boards or stick-on field marking. The tables also need to have a good finish and must be smooth to increase the speed of the game. The hardness helps determine how the ball will travel.

2) Guidelines and Reviews

The key to buying anything that is technical is always to check out the guidelines and reviews that are available online. This especially applies to top foosball tables. It is quite hard to figure out what to look for even if you have used the tables for some time. The guidelines give a rough idea of what it is you might prefer. The reviews also help since the clients give honest feedback about what they experienced when they were using the table. This will help you know which tables to avoid and help you spend less time when you finally decide to go shopping for one.

3) Skill Level

The level of skills you have attained or if you are shopping for anyone helps immensely since it can guide on which table to buy. Professionals need a smooth and hard table while kids prefer tables that they can reach considering their height. If you are a beginner, there is no reason to shop for an expensive board.

When your skills get better, you can always sell them second hand on craigslist. Durable tables that have good features such as composite structures, flat surfaces, and solid steel rods should be bought for advanced players since they will make good use of the structures and will know how to maintain it well.

4) Learn about the Types

Knowing which types exist beforehand will come in handy when shopping given that it will speed up the process. There are many types including combined ones which are merged with other games. This information will narrow down options you are choosing from and help you pick what’s more suitable for your needs.

5) Construction Material

The tables are made from wood, particle board, or composite. Most quality tables are made of wood. However, they are expensive while the low-quality ones come from particle board. If you constantly play, it is advisable to buy one made from wood.

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