The Top 5 PS4 Games of the Year

Gaming on PS4 has been taken to a notch higher. In this day and age, you don’t have to wait until your mates are done with the PS4 so you can start gaming. This is because the console allows gamers to enjoy a wide variety of games without any interruption at the same time. You can actually choose to game with your friends or strangers from different parts of the world. Some of these games require you to connect PS4 to the internet to be able to play while others allow multiple gamers to play offline. However, you have to choose a PS4 game that comes with multiplayer function or you will to play alone. Below is a list of the best multiplayer games. To learn more, check out


Overwatch is tailored for gamers that prefer to play as one team. The game features 21 characters that have diverse attributes. Each of your friends can therefore choose a unique character. Even if you are alone, the game is still irresistible. Moreover, there is a wide variety of shooting weapons. There are weapons that are reserved for bringing down opponents that are miles away. These weapons are actually very sophisticated.


On the other hand, there are guns that are ideal for making short range shots. You should avoid using such weapons when the enemy is far from you because there are zero chances of hitting such targets. If you are playing as a team, you should consider sharing assigning one of the powerful weapons to the best shooter to avoid running out of ammunition. The advantage of this game is that updates are rolled out every month.

2. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 takes you way back to First World War. This game is not for the faint hearted. It’s only the crafty gamers that survive through the war. As a matter of fact, the video game is very realistic because it allows you to switch between different roles. Those who are not on the frontline can serve as engineer, cook, doctor or scout. The weapons vary depending on your role in the game. When you select, a role, your attributes are changed immediately to match with your character. The game features many advanced weapons for gamers that are in the assault team. You can even alternate between different styles.

3.GTA Online

Anyone that has ever played GTA Online will tell you they can’t get enough of it. Whether you are playing solo or with a couple of friends, the game will leave you thrilled. For a start, you have a whole city to yourself. Your teammates can alternate between driving around the city and robbing the unsuspecting motorists and pedestrians. You can literally take any car that is near you by just kicking the owner out and driving off. You can actually be as lethal as you want. When attacking your opponents, you can use guns, rocket launchers or your bare hands to punch them in the face. The good thing is that players are rewarded at the end of each level.

4. Tom Clancy’s The Division

You can enjoy playing The Division by yourself or with your buddies. The only shortcoming is that you can’t play it offline. This game is all about completing missions successfully. You can actually choose to seek for reinforcement from friends or join them in their expeditions that involve smoking out the bad guys. The good thing is that these expeditions don’t last more than one hour. This gives you enough time to execute your own missions. Before you set out for any mission, you have to ransack the armory to ensure you are equipped with the best weapons.

5. Rocket League

Rocket League allows you to play soccer from a different perspective. Instead of cladding in usual jersey and boots, you get to play the ball as a car. While this might sound easy at first, it’s actually gets harder as you game. This is because you are expected to move the ball by driving around the pitch. You can actually drive forward, backwards and sideways just to get the ball. The interesting bit is that you compete with players from different countries.

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