Transfer Photos & Documents From Mobile Devices To PC Using This Free Tool

There are several ways to copy photos from a smart phone to a PC: sending via e-mail, sharing in a social network, wired connection to a PC and others. But every option requires some preliminary configuration and is not always as straightforward as users anticipate.

ScanTransfer is a free tool that quickly transfers photos, videos and other documents from the mobile phone to the PC via the WLAN in a practical way: scanning a QR code.

All you need to transfer photos and videos is a smart phone, a computer and a Wi-Fi network. The transfers will be quick and photos could be compressed at the same time.

Download and install it from here.

It is compatible with 32/64 bit versions of Windows, supports iOS 9.0+ and Android Chrome browser version. 59+. There is also a portable version available.

ScanTransfer does not need a third party QR code reader. All you need to do is to use the iPhone camera or Twitter/Facebook to scan the QR code and then you will be able to start transferring instantly.

On launching it, the application displays a uniquely generated QR code on the screen and asks the user to scan it using the smart phone.

using scantransfer


Then, it transparently creates a local network between the PC and the smart phone and hence allows quick transferring of video and image files to the PC.

Importantly, the QR code shown can be read with a standard camera app of iPhone or Android Chrome browser as well as using Facebook or Twitter, no third party QR code readers are required.

It also supports bulk transfer of files. Simply choose multiple files/images to be transferred and start the process.

transferring files in bulk using ScanTransfer

Also, destination path for the transferred files can be selected. Whether the files will be compressed or not immediately during the transfer can also be selected.

However, this is at the expense of image quality and is usually unnecessary, because the compression takes place only after the transfer. It will not be faster.


ScanTransfer main interfaceThe tool also supports multiple connected smart phones and therefore can act like a hub of a sort where media from multiple connected smart phones are stored.

Happy transferring.

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