How To Undo Sent Messages In Gmail

Gmail has an option of recalling emails. This can help undo emails sent by mistake or not to be sent in the first place.

This undo option can be enabled as follows :

Login to Gmail and access Settings by clicking on the gear icon.

accessing settings in Gmail

Next, scroll down and enable the tick next to Enable Undo Send. Also, the default send cancellation period can be changed from 10 seconds to a maximum of 30 seconds if needed.

enabling undo send option in Gmail

Scroll to bottom and hit Save Changes.

saving Gmail settings

From now on, whenever an email is sent, an Undo option will be visible after the message is sent.

option of undoing sent message in Gmail

Clicking on it will undo the sending .

message being undone after sending in Gmail

The message will be back in composing mode, ready to be edited if needed.

email message back to composing mode after using the undo option in Gmail

All done.


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