Can Players Beat The Odds At Roulette Using Physics?

When it comes to casino games such as blackjack, poker and roulette, the one wish for players is that they have some kind of edge, over the house and other players. If players can gain some sort of edge or advantage, this obviously increases their chances of winning; and there have been suggestions in the past that this is possible when it comes to roulette. It has been said that through science and physics, it is indeed possible for punters to beat the odds at roulette.

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Roulette has always been one of the most popular table games in land based casinos, as well as respected online casinos like Unibet. The pastime is definitely a game of luck, where bets are placed in the hope the ball lands on the specific number a player has selected or their chosen colour. The house clearly has the edge over players as it is just a game of chance, and picking out one specific number as well as winning big is highly unlikely. However, it is now believed this game of chance is now a place where physics can swing the odds in the favour of the player and not the house.

Players around the wheel are encouraged to place bets and it is quite normal for wagers to be placed late. This means that even when the wheel has been spun and the ball is on the move, bets still can be placed. For some this is seen as a way to gain some sort of advantage, but it’s these seconds where physics could come in to play to potentially increase a players’ chances of winning.

Professor Muller from the University of California, has actually perfected a technique, designed to beat the house. It is said that the technique works by ruling out up to half of the wheel, which would clearly stack the odds in the favour of the gambler. They wouldn’t have to select the exact number where the ball will fall, even though they’re more likely to be accurate in that regard, to win. If a player’s chances of winning improve even slightly, they are more likely to win on average than they are to lose.

The method is done by recording and measuring the time it takes the ball to complete a full spin whilst at the same time, also recording every time the wheel itself completes a full turn. Done using a small computer these recordings can then indicate where a player should be placing their bet in order to win, and this has been tested and proven quite successful. However, when it was put to the test, the person was banned from the casino after winning a significant amount of cash.

The reality is that roulette will always be a game of luck and the edge will always be with the house. Techniques and theories do tend to come and go and while many may work, casinos will look to permanently ban anyone they deem to be in some way cheating; especially if the individual is beating the odds time and time again. It’s an interesting thought though, that science could be key in a player upsetting the odds at a land based casino though.

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