How To Directly Insert Online Images And YouTube Videos In Word

Microsoft Word can directly insert online pictures and videos in a document. It has an integrated image and video search using Bing to do this. So there is no need to separately search in a different browser and then copy them.

Here is how:

Open Word and choose Insert.

For inserting pictures from the web, choose Online Pictures.

insert function in word

From here, either search for the required ones or directly choose them from OneDrive if stored there.

choosing online images for inserting in Word

Similarly, for inserting online videos, choose Online Video.


Then look for videos using Bing video search, from YouTube or any other web source.

inserting online videos in Word

searching and inserting online videos in Word

Click Insert at the required position in document.

Word document with online image and video inserted


Also, inserted videos can be previewed by clicking on them.

previewing inserted video in Word document

This is a useful feature when working with documents that require a lot of images and videos.

All done.

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