How To Configure Downloading Schedule When Using uGet In Linux Mint

uGet is a powerful and easy to use free download manager for Linux and Windows.

uGet user interface in Linux Mint

To install and use it in Linux Mint:

From the Terminal, use the following command:

sudo apt-get install uget

To know more about how to use it, refer to this earlier article.

Now, the Scheduler option in uGet is a useful feature that can allocate blocks of time for downloading files in queue as and when required throughout the week.

To access it, go to Settings > Scheduler. Then, check on Enable Scheduler.

uGet Scheduler

Now, each square in the Scheduler represents one hour. Green squares indicate the time period when downloads can be done. So by default, uGet is set to download immediately.

The white squares represent hours when downloads are blocked.

So, suppose if files are required to be downloaded daily only between 12 AM to 5 AM, click on all the other squares that fall outside this time window so that they become white (blocked). (Click on one square and drag to cover multiple adjacent squares quickly.) Choose OK when done.

setting download schedule in uGet

Also, this type of scheduling gives a lot of flexibility as every day different hours can be set for active downloads.

So for downloading only during weekends between 12 AM to 5 AM while during weekdays between 6 PM to 10 PM, the Scheduler will be :

setting download hours for different days in uGet scheduler

Add the files for downloads in queue and Scheduler will take care of the rest.

This is a useful option to configure especially for heavy downloading usage, do try it out.

Happy downloading.




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