Encrypt And Decrypt Text Online Using This Free Tool

It is a good idea to use a certain level of encryption when sending message texts or emails online. This is even more important when sharing user credentials online for collaboration or other uses.

Sending such sensitive information in plain text is not advisable and some form of encryption would be better.

encipher.it can encrypt and decrypt text online for free and the desktop version can do the same for files.

Let’s take a look at how to encrypt/decrypt messages online using this tool. No text is transmitted to the server and encryption (256 bit AES) happens on the browser side.

Go to encipher.it https://encipher.it/and in the text field, enter the message which needs to be encrypted.

text to be encrypted using encipher.it

Next, click on Encipher It. It will now ask for a password for encryption to begin.

setting the encryption password when using encipher.it

Choose a long /strong password or use a password generator. Then click Encipher It.

Once the message is encrypted, share it with the recipients directly by copy pasting it or using Gmail.

encrypted message

To decrypt, paste the encrypted message in the same text field from encipher.it as before and choose Decipher It.

copy pasting encrypted message for decrypting using encipher.it

The recipients will also need to know the password that was set during encryption. Click Decrypt after that.

entering decryption password

The original message will now be visible in plain text after decryption

All done.

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