Set Custom Signatures For Different Email Accounts In Windows 10 Mail App

Using the Windows 10 Mail app is a very convenient way of managing multiple email accounts from a central interface.

By default, the Mail app comes with its own default email signature. These preferences can be changed if needed so that either there is a common signature for all the configured email accounts,  different signatures for each of them or no signature at all.

Here is how to change these settings:

From the bottom left of the app, click on the gear icon to access Settings.

windows 10 mail settings

Next, choose Signature.

signature settings for Windows 10 mail app

To set a common signature or to turn it off completely, select Apply to all accounts and enable/disable Use an email signature.

enable or disable email signature on per account basis or for all

To set different signatures for each of the accounts, choose the accounts individually from Select an account and enter the new signature in the text field.

set a different signature on an individual email account basis

All done.

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