Using Mathematical Systems For Your Gaming

Anybody with a PC will have undoubtedly spent a fair amount of time involved in gaming. And whether it’s a battle arena title or a casino gaming option, then we will all have subconsciously used mathematical systems to boost our gaming fortunes.

Whilst many games can initially feel like they are based on nothing but chance, it’s clear that the clever use of mathematics is the main motivating force behind all successful gaming titles.

This article from Forbes magazine shows how mathematics is at work behind all manner of iconic games.

From the flow of bullets in Call of Duty, to the animation of Mario, it’s evident that mathematics underpins what we see on screen, and games developers must be able to utilise mathematics effectively if they are to give us a game that’s worth playing.

Perhaps it’s because most games attempt to create a sense of realism that mathematics is a key tool in helping to add life to a gaming title.

One combat designer shows how mathematical sequences like the Fibonacci system can be a great guide to defining the options available to the user, and it’s fascinating to see how these sequences permeate many of our favourite titles.

But can we use mathematics to boost our own gaming endeavours? Whilst we can all use YouTube to find an applicable walkthrough gaming guide, it’s surely not as easy to use mathematics in the latest first-person shooter hit?

The increasingly complexity of many gaming titles is requiring many of us to use mathematics in ways that we might not even realise. Whether it’s calculating the sheer scale of your next Minecraft build, or working out how much in-game money you need to buy that upgrade in Grand Theft Auto, mathematics is everywhere in gaming.

There are plenty of so-called educational games out there that aim to make mathematics fun by using video gaming as a teaching tool. And whilst these can have unexpectedly positive effects, it’s unlikely that such bold uses of mathematics in games will ever have the appeal of how using the Fibonacci in roulette can bring about a particularly lucrative win!


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