Resize Images For Custom Dimensions Using This Free Online Tool

Resizing images and logos for websites, documents or slide shows can be quickly done online using picresize.

Using it is simple: either upload an image from the computer or provide an online link for the image to be resized.

picresize online tool

Multiple images can also be processed with this free tool.

Once the image is chosen, click Continue. Then it can be processed by cropping it, changing size, changing orientation and applying filters if required.

resizing pics and editing them using picresize

The output format can be JPG, PNG GIF or BMP. After the changes are finalized, choose I’m Done, Resize My Picture! Custom dimensions can also be used and that is useful when trying to fit an image as a thumbnail or a logo.

The edited image can now be either saved to disk, be shared on social networks, be viewed or edited again.

image resized using picresize

Also, picresize auto cleans up user images after 20 minutes. This means all the user uploaded images are deleted after 20 minutes. So, saving it locally can be useful for future uses. These resized images will have a prefix of rsz_ so they can be easily distinguished from the original.

saving resized images to computer using picresize

This is a simple and free online tool that makes image resizing quick and without needing to install software.

By the way, for only optimizing and compressing images so that they take less space, RIOT can be a good choice.

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