How To Change Windows 10 Start To Full Screen

The Start menu in Windows 10 by default blocks the lower half of screen.

default start menu in windows 10

This can be changed to full screen view if needed.

To enable this:

Right click on Taskbar and select Taskbar settings.

taskbar settings in windows 10

Scroll down to Start and enable the option Use Start full screen.

Now, when Start is accessed, the tiles and other icons will be present on the desktop.

Windows 10 start menu when full screen

At the top left of screen will be the layout choices:  Menu, Pinned tiles and All apps.

start menu layout settings

The lower left will have: User settings, File Explorer, Settings and Power icons.

user settings, file explorer, power options and other settings in full screen start menu of Windows 10

By the way, this has a smartphone screen feel after accessing Start. 🙂

All apps are directly visible on Windows 10 desktop after Start is enabled to full screen

All done.

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