PDFelement 6 : An Alternative To Acrobat Suite

Due to the versatility of PDF files, it is useful to have a software suite that can edit, create, combine, protect and manage PDF files. PDFelement 6 does just that

PDFelement 6 is a complete PDF suite that can edit, create, combine, protect and manage PDF files. It is a useful alternative to Acrobat.

To try it, download from here.

Installing is simple, however a restart will be needed after the setup is complete.

installing pdfelement 6 professional in Windows

The main interface is just like using a Windows app. Now let’s take a look at this powerful PDF tool.

pdfelement 6 professional main interface

Edit PDF

For opening the editor, use the arrow on top left of interface. It has a MS Office Ribbon feel to it and is easy to use.

Select this tile and add a source PDF document for editing.It will open the contents in the editor. Use the Edit menu to add text, images, link and more.

PDFelement 6′s powerful editing engine makes editing any PDF document quick and easy for users just like using MS Word for text documents. Existing fonts and formatting remains intact so there is no loss during editing. Various options like adding images, text, hyperlinks, setting color for layout and more can be used.

Some of the main sub-functions offered under Edit are :

  • Adding text, images, hyperlinks, cropping etc : Editing PDF documents is just like editing Word documents due to the familiar interface.

pdf editor interface in pdfelement 6 professional

  • OCR : PDFelement 6 Professional using it’s OCR plugin will quickly free text from scans and photos and make them into editable PDFs. Also, over 20 OCR languages are supported.

OCR menu in pdfelement 6 professional

Simply add the PDF for converting and save it in output folder with the required format. Download the required OCR library from Edit > OCR for full support.

downloading OCR library in pdfelement 6 professional

Convert PDF

This feature will transform source PDFs into various file types, like Microsoft, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, JPEG and more with a simple click.

Simply choose the source PDF and the target format.

choosing source PDF for conversion

It will convert as needed.

conversion from pdf to MS Word format

It also supports batch processing. Add the source files, select Output Format and click on Start to begin. Besides multiple PDF files can be batch converted, also you can extract data, add bates numbering and watermark using this feature.

batch processing pdf files

Create PDF

Choose the source documents that need to be converted to PDF and let the process begin.

creating pdf files

Once created, it will open in the editor for any further editing if required.

Combine PDFs 

Use this to merge multiple PDF files into a single one. Also, selective page ranges from the source files can be chosen. This is useful for merging different reports into one.

combining multiple PDF files into one

The combined PDF will be generated in the selected output folder/path.

generated PDF as a combined file

Other useful features :

  • Making Forms : To create forms, use the Form menu and drag-drop the required objects.

form menu in pdfelement 6 professional

Each of these objects can be customized to make a form as needed. The appearance, layout as well as font properties and associated actions can be configured. The Form menu also has an option of data extraction. Automatically extract data from similar PDF forms into a single spreadsheet thereby saving time.

customizing forms

This makes for a powerful form builder for any type of PDF documents.

  • Protect : PDF files can be password protected, be digitally signed and can be redacted from the Protect menu. To set password, choose Password option.

setting password for PDF files

To digitally sign, select Sign Document and then Place Signature.

digitally signing documentsTo redact sensitive information, choose Mark for redaction and select the necessary information.

redacting documents

  • Stamps : The Comment menu allows placing official stamps (Stamps tool) or customized stamps (Create Stamp) for various files.

stamps for documents in pdfelement 6 professional

  • Templates : Many existing templates for various tasks like budgeting, memos, reports and more are available online through this feature.

Choose the required template and download it.

available templates in pdfelement 6 professional

It will be now available in editor for making changes.

downloaded templates in pdfelement 6 professional

Overall, PDFelement 6 Professional is a useful suite that covers all aspects of managing and working with PDF files.

[This was for Windows version, want to know more about Mac version? Click here.]

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