How To Install Virtual Box In Manjaro Linux

When using Manjaro Linux, VirtualBox along with it’s extension pack can be installed for testing or development tasks.

Here is how :

A. Installing Virtual Box host modules :

First, check the kernel version of existing Manjaro distribution by typing :

uname -r

finding out kernel version of Manjaro distribution for installing virtual box

Next, VirtualBox host modules having compatibility with the current kernel should be installed (49 in this example).

Install them using pacman :

sudo pacman -S virtualbox

installing virtual box in Manjaro from command line

Once installed, add the current user to vboxusers group :

sudo gpasswd -a username vboxusers

adding user to virtualbox group in Manjaro Linux

Reboot the system.

VirtualBox will now be available from System menu.

virtual box installed in Manjaro Linux

B. Installing extensions :

Now different extensions can be added if needed.

Access Settings > Software Update. Search for virtualbox from the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR).

installing virtual box extensions from AUR

Select the extension pack and click Apply to begin installation.

Finally, different virtual machines can be added and used in Manjaro Linux.

virtual box in Manjaro Linux

Happy installing.


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