How To Install Google Chrome In Linux Manjaro

An earlier article described how to install Opera browser in Manjaro Linux. As Opera is already included in the official repository, installing it was pretty simple.

Google Chrome however is not included in this (as of now – Sep 2017). But it can still be installed by using the Arch Linux User Repository (AUR).

Here is how :

Go to Add/Remove Software from the main menu.

adding/removing programs in Manjaro Linux

Click on the horizontal lines icon at top right and choose Preferences.

From the AUR tab, select Enable AUR support and tick the two options.

enabling AUR support in Manjaro Linux

Note : This is not the official Manjaro repository but is maintained by Arch Linux user community so packages available here are not tested for Manjaro and may break.

Once AUR is enabled, search for google-chrome. Different versions will now be visible and ready for build and install.

choosing google chrome version from AUR repository

Choose Commit for build process to finish.

starting the build process for google chrome in manjaro linux

Once it’s over, Google Chrome will be installed and available from Internet section.

google chrome installed in manjaro linux

Happy surfing.

Hopefully Chrome will soon be officially available in Manjaro repository.

  1. Arch-bug says:

    Doing the same in my pc shows an error.

    target not found:git

    What should I do?